SRS Response

SRS provides corporates, government and private clients with dedicated response and critical incident support for cases involving special risks including kidnap & ransom (K&R).

We deliver immediate counsel in the event of an incident and pro-active risk advice including organising and training crisis management teams. SRS regularly supports clients with debriefing and trauma specialists, post-incident investigations and readiness reviews.

Through selected special risk insurance, our response services can be covered by Insurers.

Kidnap and Ransom (K&R)

SRS and our partners deploy approved response consultants and teams world-wide to support our clients incl. victims, relatives, colleagues and authorities. Our role is to analyse, advice, and lead crisis management teams to make informed and timely decisions in the field or at home.

To facilitate resolution, our clients, consultants and teams receive exclusive screening and intelligence support from SRS Advisory Services.

Special Risks

SRS special risks and incident management include dedicated advice and response in case of threats, extortion, unlawful detention, disappearance, natural disasters, emergency evacuation or government intervention.

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SRS Response

SRS Advisory

SRS provides leading advisory services to companies, government, municipalities, non-government organisations (NGOs) and private clients. Based on our intelligence background, system infrastructure and methodology, our objective is to deliver accurate and timely decision support.

Our advisory services include:

Screening Services (Sweden and International)

Screening Services

SRS provides both Swedish and international clients with decision support and advisory when hiring staff, engaging in business related agreements or as part of a risk analysis. Screening is conducted through open sources such as databases, registries, references or social media.

Screening (Sweden)

SRS offers a corporate solution incl. legal advice in order to facilitate for organisations when hiring staff in Sweden. We also provide a proprietary web solution to safeguard a correct and safe handling of personal information.

Our screening services include:

• Corporate recruitment solutions
• Background checks
• Executive screening

Our services are fully compliant with the Swedish Personal Integrity Act, i.e. Personuppgiftslagen (SFS 1998:204), and we are under government agency oversight by the Swedish Data Inspection Board, i.e. Datainspektionen.

Screening (International)

SRS offers effective and qualitative due diligence support covering individuals, corporations and organisations world-wide.

Our due diligence services include:

• Stakeholder analysis
• Strategic relationship mapping

For screening and due diligence services within the European Union, the EU Data Protection Act (EU directive 95/46/EC) applies.

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Situational awareness is key in any decision making process regardless of context or complexity. Based on our advanced technical capacity and our experienced intelligence analysis team, SRS offers unique intelligence solutions and a global decision support capacity including:

• Risk analysis and mitigation
• Optimised decision support
• Brand and campaign sentiment analysis
• Identification of cost-effective security measures

Our intelligence solutions use state-of-the-art intelligence software and SRS is a unique business partner with IBM and QlikTech to develop the next generation of security management tools.

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SRS Personal Security

SRS Security

SRS provides first-class operational security services to companies, government, municipalities, non-government organisations (NGOs) and private clients. We protect individuals, assets and critical information from a wide range of security-related risks in complex environments.

SRS is accredited, certified and licensed by Swedish authorities. Our security services include:

Personal security
Corporate security
Government security
Maritime security
Civil security

Personal Security

SRS has a long history of meeting the special security needs of public figures, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and families that are constantly under the public eye.

We understand that you and your family’s security situation is a personal matter. Based on your particular situation, SRS will provide a fully customised security solution delivered by a dedicated client manager combining extensive operational experience with direct access (24/7) to ensure the best possible outcome.

With SRS as your personal security partner, you will benefit from a range of tailored personal security solutions and one-on-one services that include:

• Threat and risk assessment
• Close protection
• Physical security
• Secure transports
• Surveillance
• Training

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Corporate Security

SRS supports companies with security management, security reviews and training. Our capability and experience range from managing large and complex projects in remote locations with limited infrastructure to handling delicate internal matters at a corporate head-office.

Our track record within security change management, knowledge transfer and capacity building by delivering security policies, procedures and training is excellent and we deliver solutions that have a positive impact for management, employees and business operations.

Our Corporate Security services and Training programme include:

• Conflict Management (awarded EU best practice)
• Deployment Ready Training (DRT)
• Safe Business Traveller
• First Aid and Travel Medicine
• Information Security
• Critical Incident Management
• Close Protection

As every client and assignment is unique our clients are appointed a dedicated and experienced client manager to ensure business continuity and response at home or abroad.

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Maritime Security

SRS supports international shipping companies, ship owners and super yachts with security advice and risk management solutions in the Indian Ocean (High Risk Areas) and West Africa (Gulf of Guinea). Our objective is to always provide rapid deployment and deliver the highest quality of services and maritime security teams.

Our Maritime Security services include:

• Pre-departure risk assessment
• Ship inspections
• Physical security infrastructure (e.g. BMP4)
• Armed or unarmed security teams
• Intelligence support and reports
• Crew training

Based on our Scandinavian values and ethics, SRS implements best practice industry standards, IMO regulations and BIMCO guidelines to always operate in line with Scandinavian and international ship owner’s instructions, flag- and port state regulations.

Our maritime clients and security teams are supported 24/7 by SRS Operations Centre for logistics, communication, tracking and intelligence.

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Government Security

SRS supports diplomatic missions and law enforcement authorities with security coordination and personal security services requiring specific security clearances and agreements, protocol and profile.

Our Government Security services include:

• Personal Security Program (PSP)
• Security Coordinators
• Close Protection
• Dynamic Risk Intelligence (DRI)
• Deployment Ready Training (DRT)

Our task is to contribute to the security of diplomatic or government staff and property, and to facilitate for our clients to conduct their activities by carefully mitigating security risk.

Our security coordinators and staff are carefully selected and trained to imbue personal skills, such as discretion and demeanour, to facilitate successful integration and cooperation with the diplomatic and government staff at home and abroad.

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Civil Security

SRS offers qualified security support to the civil infrastructure and transport sector incl. aviation, train, port facilities and logistics.

We provide guidance and support to our clients with regards to national and international regulatory requirements incl. special security legislations, EU regulations, aviation and maritime instructions or guidelines.

Our Civil Security offering includes:

• Security designs, plans and policies
• Technical security equipment implementation
• Quality assurance and access control
• Dynamic Risk Intelligence (DRI)
• Temporary Chief Security Officer (CSO)
• Security and Safety Training

Our priority is to always provide pro-active and preventive measures in order to reduce the likelihood of / or resolve criminal activities and emergencies.

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SRS Personal Security

SRS Personal Security

SRS Personal Security

SRS Personal Security

SRS Personal Security