An organisation’s success is based on hiring the right employees. Identifying the right colleagues is fundamental to the success of a business. Ensure that there is no uncertainty regarding potential employees with the help of our background screening.

Background screening for safe and successful teams.

Risk mitigation & quality assurance

The purpose of a background check is to confirm that there are no identifiable risk indicators, otherwise known as red flags, associated with individuals that will join or influence your organisation.

The most common reasons to perform a background screening are to quality-assure personnel as part of the recruitment process or due to legal requirements, such as security screening according to the Protective Security Act (2018:585), and to avoid unnecessary surprises in connection with an IPO.

Properly conducted security checks ensure – as far as possible – that all individuals close to your organisation can be trusted. In every situation.

Background screening services

SRS has many years of experience carrying out background screening in both the private and public sectors. We provide group-wide solutions and deliver both customised and standardised checks of individuals at all organisational levels.

Background screening, Sweden

Ensure regulatory compliance and choose the right people. SRS’s background screening serves as a support in the recruitment process by quality-assuring candidates and preventing the unwanted consequences that recruiting the wrong person would entail. Our background screening can always be adapted to meet regulatory requirements and the specific needs of your organisation. SRS offers different levels of background screening adapted to all types of positions.

Background screening, international

Competence and talent have no borders. SRS’s experienced analysts perform background screening in all Scandinavian countries. We have a well-established network of global and local partners covering over 240 countries. This ensures effective information acquisition and regulatory compliance in every jurisdiction where personal data is handled.
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  2. Background screening, INTL

High-quality checks with SRS

SRS has many years of experience conducting backgrounds screening and business investigations, and is used to deliver custom solutions for complex situations.

The individual in focus
SRS’s procedures are adapted to meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We always obtain consent before performing backgrounds screening, and all information at SRS is erased within a set timing after delivery to the client. We conduct active security intelligence within relevant legislative areas. We continuously adapt to guidelines and work with full transparency vis-à-vis the individual.

Customisation and quality
SRS’s experienced analysts help you choose the level of verification that tallies with the position in question. We also tailor the focus of the check based on customer-specific or assignment-specific inputs. Our analysts base their reporting of risk indicators on predetermined guidelines in order to avoid subjectivity in their reporting. And to achieve transparency towards you as a client.

Effective delivery
SRS guarantees effective delivery with integrated quality assurance and predetermined delivery times through our web-based platform.

We are with you every step of the way, to provide advice and support. So you can feel confident that you are making the right decision.

Scandinavian Risk Solutions.

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