Together we develop the security industry.

Welcome to your new career!

Are you attracted to a career in the private security industry? We are constantly looking for the industry’s most competent and professional individuals who act according to high human and ethical values. We continuously recruit to our own operations and on behalf of customers. Together we develop the security industry nationally and internationally. Welcome to join the SRS network!

What can we offer you?

SRS is a leading service provider in the security industry whose main asset is its staff. Our overall breadth and experience make up our core competence. In order to contribute to a positive development of society and to reflect our global customer base, we promote equality by attracting and recruiting a diverse range of different individuals.

SRS’s consultants and networks comprise a powerful mix of internationally experienced security operators, civilian security experts and academic specialists. Differences create opportunities and innovative thinking. We see this clearly at SRS. Together we create a dynamic work environment – one where new perspectives, ideas and solutions are added every day. This creates improved services for our customers and partners, and enables a self-acting workplace.

Who are your potential colleagues?

The best people in the security industry work at SRS. Our employees have a wide range of professional backgrounds: Swedish special forces units, close protection groups, the security police, Swedish intelligence, international bodyguard companies, the IT security industry and the various business sectors. In addition to a passion for security, skills that are highly valued at SRS include multilingualism, multicultural work experience, a commercial and analytical orientation and good problem-solving skills.

SRS’s goal is to always stay a step ahead and to exceed our customers’ expectations. This, combined with our uncompromising ethics in everything we do, is the basis of our promise:

Working at SRS

People to Trust

Working at SRS means standing up for humane values, both at work and in private. Our focus on the equal value of all people means that our clients have confidence in us – and that we at SRS have confidence in each other. Our work requires the highest quality, flexibility and endurance, which we use to spur us forward. We will place stringent demands on you and have high expectations of you, and we expect the same from you.

Family First

Every single person who works for us is important. This is why we place great emphasis on your well-being, and on you developing and being an active part of our community. At SRS you will have a workplace where your private life and working life go hand-in-hand. At SRS, everyone is important.

Lead Yourself

We believe in the ability of the individual to change and develop. That is why we offer a workplace that you can help shape. Where everyone takes responsibility, is motivated by collaboration and believes in a dynamic workplace where everyone contributes to its development and improvement. That's why we also place high demands on you as an employee. We expect you to work independently, to take on significant responsibility, and to manage your own work based on the SRS framework and SRS values. Together we develop our business.

Opportunities & Growth

We harness your skills and create the conditions needed for you to develop. What you get is a workplace that offers further training and a variety of challenges in the security industry. Together we create new opportunities for you.
  1. People to Trust
  2. Family First
  3. Lead Yourself
  4. Opportunities & Growth

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