Risk assessment

A threat should always be handled. Whether it’s a real, perceived or transferred threat. Which is why SRS performs custom risk assessments – so that security measures are always based on facts.

Risk assessments for a changed security situation.

Monitor. Assess. Protect.

In recent years, the security situation has become increasingly complicated and difficult to interpret. The clear boundary between low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk destinations has been erased – which affects all people, organisations and government agencies that conduct operations in Sweden or abroad.

Which is where SRS comes into the picture. Our risk assessments aim to help you to identify and assess the current security risks you face. SRS monitors, analyses and assesses threats and risks based on your specific situation. Whether you are a private individual or you represent a government agency or an organisation. SRS’s threat and risk assessments provide you with well-founded decision support and clear recommendations.

Proactivity through security
intelligence and risk assessment

Risk assessments and security intelligence can be used both for preventative purposes and in the event of a concrete threat to an individual, geographical location, or organisation. The purpose is to produce information on and documentation of current threat profiles, to obtain early warning of potential risks, or to create a clear picture of the situation if an incident has already occurred. For this reason, SRS offers both ongoing assessments and specific targeted measures when needed.

Our intelligence service helps identify risks to individuals and organisations by monitoring a large number of sources and traffic flows. Based on your assets and our world-leading technical solutions, we collect information from open sources, social media, internal sources as well as hidden sources from the part of the Internet referred to as the dark web. We work closely with you and assess your security risks, threats and vulnerabilities from both a strategic and tactical perspective. The work is done on an ongoing basis or on request, always based on your needs.

Risk assessment services

Below you will find a selection of our services that are most in demand.

Security assessments

Let SRS conduct a professional assessment of your vulnerabilities, security risks and threats. We deliver customised reports with a focus on analysis and assessment, to be used prior to travel abroad, events or in case of threats to individuals. Our security assessments give you insights into and a basis for making decisions regarding how the risks should be handled. SRS’s security assessments provide the opportunity to limit the impact on both the individual and the operations in situations ranging from travel to high-risk areas to participating in a particularly exposed event.

Security intelligence

SRS monitors your high-value assets in order to detect various threats to individuals and organisations. We monitor over one million sources and traffic flows on the Internet and compile traffic, analyses, assessments, as well as threat and risk themes, based on your specific assets. Our unique access to databases on the dark web also gives us the ability to monitor sensitive personal data. SRS’s security intelligence service makes it possible for you stay constantly up-to-date on everything that concerns your priority assets. You receive continuous information about the way they are spoken of, where they are spoken of as well as the security risks this may entail.

Threat assessment

SRS investigates and assesses threats from known and unknown actors. Our threat assessments include threat actor identification as well as recommended actions. We use state of the art tools for identifying actors behind, for example, telephone numbers, email addresses, aliases, and social media accounts. We also perform security assessments for exposed or high-profile individuals where we analyse the threat level and associated vulnerabilities. SRS security assessments always include cost efficient recommendations regarding security enhancing measures. We support your risk management process by providing you with actionable information, enabling you to make fact-based decisions.
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