SRS delivers intelligence on strategic, tactical, and operational levels to facilitate decision-making for companies, authorities, and private individuals. The Intelligence service monitors online traffic and delivers threat and risk assessments at various levels based on the client’s needs. We also perform exposure assessments for high-profile clients, as well as provide consultation and training – both internally and externally.

Risk assessments for a changed security situation.

Threat and risk assessments

SRS investigates known and unknown actors to assess whether they pose a threat to clients and their businesses. We have advanced tools to identify individuals behind phone numbers, email addresses, aliases, and social media accounts. We search various public databases to determine financial status and legal history. Depending on the dept of the analysis, we also review the legal history of associated persons and perform network analysis of potential threat actors in the person’s vicinity. SRS delivers risk assessments of countries, regions, and events, for instance before a business trip or company relocation.

The reports are delivered with relevant recommendations where security enhancing measures are presented to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.


SRS conducts comprehensive, security-based online monitoring to detect current threats and provide early warnings of potential risks. Using advanced tools, thousands of searches are conducted every day across a wide range of sources. The results are analysed according to the Security Risk Management concept and delivered in reports – either on a regular basis or according to specific criteria depending on the customer’s needs.

For individuals, alerts can be set up on names and addresses to detect threats in the digital environment. SRS also monitors darknet to detect password leaks and prevent breaches.

Exposure assessment

SRS conducts exposure assessments for high-profile individuals to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. We determine what information a threat actor could acquire through open sources and give relevant recommendations to mitigate exposure and risks. The Intelligence service can also support clients in implementing the mitigation measures on site.

Training and consultation

SRS provides training for authorities, companies, and individuals in a wide range of security practices. The Intelligence service educates within the fields of information security, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence), digital personal security and SRM (Security Risk Management). We also support clients with bespoke consultation.

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