Personal security

Manage risks. Ensure safety. See the bigger picture. These are the cornerstones of SRS’s personal security.

Personal security. Security at work and in private life.

For a secure life. At home and at work.

Personal security concerns the security of an individual or a family. And the precautions that need to be taken to feel secure in everyday life or in case of an incident. In order to ensure effective personal security, we consider the bigger picture and the context of the person or family in question. Various security aspects often come into play in the specific solutions we provide, such as intelligence, threat and risk assessments, training and physical security.

In order to ensure security before, during and after an incident or threat, SRS offers several types of personal security solutions. Always tailored to your needs.

Your personal security partner.

SRS has solid experience managing the types of incidents that executive teams, government officials and individuals may face. Both domestically and abroad. We put great emphasis on preventative and ongoing security measures. All to minimise the risk of incidents. If needed, we also provide operational and flexible close protection, which can consist of security coordination, close protection operatives or a protection car with a driver, as well as a custom security solution for both the individual and their family.

SRS is authorised and approved by the County Administrative Board (according to FAP 573-1) to provide personal security services throughout Sweden. Our employees include qualified analysts, psychologists and IT specialists with cutting-edge information security expertise. A large part of our operational staff has completed the internationally-recognised SIA training course.

When is personal security needed?

When can personal security measures be needed? Being faced with a high-risk situation or needing pre-emptive personal security measures can happen to both private individuals and company representatives. These situations may involve travel to or living in an area where the risks are high, or when a person’s professional role risks jeopardising their private life. Whether a threat is perceived or real, it needs to be handled. At SRS, we can draw on our experience to help you find the level of personal security that you need.

Personal security services

Below you will find a selection of our services that are most in demand.

Personal Security Program (PSP)

Security for the individual and the family. SRS’s preventative personal security is based on the Personal Security Program (PSP). The program includes an Internet and social media exposure assessment, as well as a security review of the individual's primary residence. Next, the family receives security training that covers areas such as information security and travel security, as well as advice on how to reduce the risk of being subjected to crime and how to prevent incidents. After completing the program, the individual/family will have a raised risk awareness and will have been provided with facts on which to base further decisions regarding any additional security-enhancing measures.

SRS Response (24/7)

Always there to help you. SRS Response (24/7) is on call round-the-clock and is your support in case of emergency or incidents. Our senior security specialists provide you with immediate advice by phone, trigger your alarm chain according to your instructions, or initiate operational intervention as needed. SRS provides support both domestically and abroad. SRS Response (24/7) is best when combined with SRS ALERT, which includes travel security support as well as emergency and positioning functionality.


At your side before and during a trip. SRS ALERT is the mobile app that ensures risk awareness, positioning and emergency functionality in everyday life or while travelling. SRS ALERT provides you with up-to-date travel advice, country risk assessments, incident reports and daily updates related to the security situation so that you can feel safe both ahead of and during a trip. SRS ALERT is also an effective crisis support tool to help locate and communicate with individuals in the event of an incident or emergency.

Close protection

SRS’s close protection service ensures the security of individuals and their families by providing close protection operatives, protection cars and drivers, or security coordinators for travel and event security. Our close protection service is characterised by personal contact, transparent communication and a high level of integrity. All operators have undergone close protection training and have been approved by the County Administrative Board in accordance with FAP 573-1. The majority have also completed the internationally-recognised SIA training course for close protection operatives.

Security coordinator

So that you can operate safely during travel and events. SRS security coordinators are often hired ahead of planned trips or events, or when establishing new business operations abroad. The service allows you to focus on your core business while the security coordinator plans, implements and takes responsibility for the complete security set-up. The security coordinator has ongoing support from SRS Response 24/7 and SRS analysts in terms of up-to-date threat and risk assessments, as well as incident reports.
  1. PSP
  2. SRS Response (24/7)
  4. Close protection
  5. Security coordinator

Personal security training courses

Enhance your security when travelling, at work and in everyday life with SRS personal security training courses.

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