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All training programmes must lead to measurable and lasting results. Whether you are taking industry-leading corporate security training or the Nordic region’s best public close protection training. Enhance your security work with SRS.

Strengthen your security competence

SRS offers market-leading security training across the entire Security Risk Management spectrum and in all of our service areas. We have tailored training programmes for companies, government agencies and organisations, as well as public training for private individuals.

SRS instructors have many years of experience in their respective areas and have been selected for their skill in helping others develop their competence. To create optimal training solutions, we employ a leading, internationally-recognised methodology in our work. Working in close dialogue with you, we adapt the training programme to your circumstances and needs. This way we together ensure that the training has the right content for your organisation and the goals you have set.

Tailored security training programmes

Companies, government agencies and organisations need to be able to implement their strategies over time, take their responsibility as employers, and deliver high security. That’s why we create opportunities for you to develop within various security disciplines, such as crisis management, threat and conflict management, travel security and medical care. To make sure that your training has the right content, we adapt and plan it to your specific needs. We combine workshops with online-based elements for self-study and further development. After the training, our evaluation methods allow us to measure your organisational development and progress.

Public training

If you work in the close protection field, we offer training to help develop your knowledge and to broaden your professional network. After completing your training you will become a member of the SRS Close Protection Network, which gives you access to domestic and international career opportunities, along with invitations to industry seminars and events.

SRS is proud that our close protection training programme is the best and most comprehensive of its kind offered in the Nordic region, and we are able to offer certifications under both Swedish FAP legislation and the international SIA standard. Please get in touch for more information about our close protection training programmes.

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Crisis management or personal security. Protective security or cybersecurity. No matter what kind of knowledge your organisation requires, SRS has a training solution to meet your need. Explore our range of corporate security training programmes.

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