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Business travel abroad or establishing operations in high-risk countries. No matter what your purpose for going abroad may be, SRS can provide security support. All the way.

Security support for international business establishment

The line separating low-risk countries from high-risk countries is becoming increasingly blurred. Countries that were previously considered to be low-risk require a completely different level of preparedness today. The security situation at a specific location can change from one day to the next due to an unforeseen incident or major international conflict. Whatever the reason, it affects your organisation’s freedom of movement and action.

SRS offers complete security solutions for companies, organisations, government agencies and individuals wherever in the world they operate. For new business establishments, aspects such as analysing a potential partner, verifying an employee’s background or securing a geographical location are important from a security perspective.

Major international conferences or events may require thorough security solutions in the form of close protection for management, employees or guests. Areas such as crisis management, security analyses and security instructions are also important in terms of living up to duty of care responsibilities. With SRS as your security partner, your organisation always has someone to consult and seek advice from in these matters.

Security support worldwide

Support in complex environments

SRS is one of the world’s top private security operators, specialising in assignments in complex environments. We make it possible to carry out projects in complex environments, during an ongoing conflict as well as through the reconstruction period afterwards. SRS combines the industry’s most competent staff with local networks, market-leading technology and proven procedures, offering unique, tailored total solutions wherever you operate.

SRS is subject to continuous quality control by state security services. We are also a driving member of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA), an organisation that champions responsible security and human rights in complex environments. We adapt our security support to your specific needs – whether you are a government agency, an organisation or a private operator.

Support services abroad

Below you will find a selection of our services that are most in demand.

  • Security consulting
  • Security instructions and policies
  • Security and risk analyses
  • Travel support
  • Personal security
  • Background analyses and due diligence
  • Diplomatic protection

Security support with Scandinavian Risk Solutions.

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