Operational Technology

Today, technology occupies large parts of our lives. Within security, it represents an area that is constantly taking on new forms, which can pose security challenges for entire communities. SRS Operational Technology protects you from modern-day technological threats.

Detect intrusion at home and at work

Counter Surveillance

Industrial espionage is not a new phenomenon. New methods for threat actors to sell information are regularly discovered, both despite and due to the rapid pace of technological development. Electronic eavesdropping of conference rooms and offices is one of them. The use of GPS tracking devices is a relatively new occurrence, which can be the prelude of a serious crime. Finding such hidden “bugs” can be very challenging, as planted devices are difficult to discover without the right technical devices and training.

At SRS, we are proud of our unique Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) service. It constitutes an effective method for the detection and localisation of hidden tapping or tracking devices. Our team of specialists is one of a kind in Sweden due to its solid work experience, training and certification in

Home and Office Surveillance

The classic security guard is not enough in all situations. In order to effectively perform all types of surveillance tasks, a situation-specific combination of man and technology is required. With the help of technical devices, SRS’ special technicians have a unique ability to solve the most challenging of security challenges today. With underground seismic sensors, ground radar, thermal imaging cameras, electronic signature detectors and image analysis using AI technology, we have the capacity to detect drones in the air and individuals on sites. Detection and alarm can be combined with facial recognition or analysis of vehicle license plates for access control.

SRS provides mobile solutions for temporary surveillance in the event of, for example, reinforced security due to an increased threat level, as a replacement for a broken, existing alarm or in other situations in which you want to avoid the cost of a security guard. Our highly specialsed technicians in Operational Technology perform all of the work from design to installation, including implementation and maintenance.

Safeguard the organisation against electronic eavesdropping

Operational Technology Services

SRS provides several services that are in demand for the detection of and protection against tapping and tracking devices, as well as intrusion.

TSCM against eavesdropping

Prevent your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. SRS provides TSCM in locations where you want to be assured that no tapping devices are located or directly adjacent to the area in question. The service can be performed before a meeting takes place or after unauthorised personnel have accessed the location.

TSCM against tracking devices

Real freedom of movement. SRS provides TSCM for vehicles as a service. We ensure that your vehicle is not carrying any foreign tracking devices, planted by a threat actor for the purpose of tracking the vehicle’s position.

Technical installation

Alarms on your terms. In situations where traditional alarms are insufficient, or where reinforced security is needed, SRS Operational Technology can design and install customised solutions. This can involve detectors and hardware that is not available on the normal market and which require special skills to be installed and maintained.

Forensic investigation

SRS provides forensic investigation of mobile telephones or computers that for example can be needed as a step in the process of terminating an employment contract or if you suspect that spyware has been installed on your own device.
  1. TSCM against eavesdropping
  2. TSCM against tracking devices
  3. Technical installation
  4. Forensic investigation

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