Today, cyber threats are a constant factor in all types of business operations. SRS Cybersecurity reduces the risks that your company or organisation will be hit by information losses, outages and intrusions into your IT systems.

Security for a digitalised world

SRS offers targeted cybersecurity services, including competence-building training for directors and executives as well as staff members. With proven competence and broad expertise in information security and cybersecurity, we work proactively to enhance your security in the digital sphere.

By mapping your unique assets, identifying threats and vulnerabilities, and helping you take custom precautions that minimise your risks. Our cybersecurity experts can support you with investigations, forensic analysis and safe offboarding, to mention just a few areas. In addition, we also offer services such as phishing or candy drop tests to assess the security awareness of your staff.

Cybersecurity services

Below you will find a selection of our services that are most in demand.

Cyber Readiness Review (CRR)

By conducting a thorough review of your information and cybersecurity policy, your security awareness, your physical security and people security, we create a comprehensive map of your security status. Based on insights into the current situation, we identify priority measures related to policies, management systems, planning, IT security, physical security, people security, preparedness, drills and training. A Cyber Readiness Review provides a clear picture of which measures to undertake to raise your information security level in the most cost-effective way possible.

Threat Intelligence Alerts (TIA)

Through tailor-made security intelligence measures, leaks or threats to your operations are detected and flagged at an early stage. Before the damage is done. Our unique tools allow us to identify whether your assets appear in the deep web and dark web, which indicates an increased risk of attack, ongoing hacks or active insiders. TIA protects your company's reputation, as information leaks are detected and dealt with before they become widely known.

Intrusion detection

Stay a step ahead of the attacker. To be able to detect and identify ongoing hacks you’re your cloud services, clients and servers, SRS uses an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) service. This way, we can identify 58 different activities that an attacker engages in during a hack, detect the intrusion and implement necessary precautions before your data gets into the wrong hands. Statistics show that an attacker is active on a network for an average of 101 days before being detected. SRS’s service can be critical in detecting a hacking attempt in time.

Test your information security and cybersecurity

Put your preparedness to the test. Our "Red Team" performs hands-on checks to test whether your staff, your systems and your procedures detect different types of IT attacks. The purpose is partly to identify gaps in the cyber defence of your information assets, and to train your staff. Based on these tests, your staff will become more observant and better at detecting network mapping, preparations, hacking attempts and successful intrusions.

Investigations and consultation

SRS offers investigative support for suspected incidents as well as consulting services in the areas of cybersecurity, information and cybersecurity policy, cyber threats, risk analysis, vulnerability management, security measures, incident management, code review, methods as well as technology and system solutions.
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  2. TIA
  3. Intrusion detection
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  5. Investigations
    & consultation

Cybersecurity training

Prevent hacking attempts and cyber threats with SRS’s cybersecurity training.

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