SRS’s security management services strengthen and streamline your security work and ensure a safe workplace for your employees.

Security management enabling a holistic approach

Security management.
An effective total solution.

Security management is an integral part of every organisation’s internal effort to ensure the safety of both its business and its employees. By pursuing well-adapted security strategies, it is possible to prevent threats and risks while minimising the impacts of sudden incidents. SRS helps you develop optimised strategies for your proactive security work. If needed, we can provide operational support and manage your security work for a brief or extended period of time.

Security management to mitigate risk

SRS is your strategic security management partner. We offer both total solutions and niche services. Always adapted and tailored to your organisation’s needs. We put great emphasis on preventive and ongoing security work. Always with the mindset to mitigate the risk of incidents and crises.

Our employees bring solid security experience to the table and always work based on proven methods. You get full access to the entire range of SRS’s core competencies and resources. Our team consists of experienced senior consultants and advisors, along with project managers and account managers, as well as medical experts, IT specialists and intelligence analysts. To name but a few.

Security management services

Below you will find a selection of our security management services that are most in demand.

Readiness Review©

Reach an appropriate level of security. Readiness Review is SRS’s proprietary method for assessing the current level of an organisation's security work. By scrutinising and quality-assuring your current security procedures and your incident and crisis management, Readiness Review gives you an overview of your security needs. Based on gaps identified, an action plan is drawn up. Always in line with your strategic needs and risk acceptance.

SRS Response (24/7)

Available every day – around the clock. SRS Response (24/7) offers continuous crisis support and emergency management in the form of a central emergency number giving you access to senior security consultants around the clock. SRS provides consulting over the phone and initiates emergency support, including emergency chain and operational crisis management, when needed. Our broad partner network, both in Sweden and globally, also ensures that you always have a local partner close at hand for rapid response. This service is best combined with SRS ALERT, the mobile app with a direct connection to SRS Response (24/7).

Security consulting

Let us help you develop your security management. SRS’s senior consultants and specialists have extensive experience leading organisations' internal security work at both the local and global level. With continuous support from all of SRS's core competencies, our security consultants work closely with your management and staff to coordinate ongoing security initiatives or critical incident response. Always with a focus on cost-effective security solutions.

Security analysis

Risk assessment and action suggestions. No matter the topic, be it an analysis of assets, a risk assessment or a review of your current perimeter protection, SRS can perform a security assessment for your business. A complete current situation/needs profile is drawn up in the course of our close collaboration with business representatives and external stakeholders. Based on a GAP analysis and your internal priorities, we then make recommendations regarding security or action plans. SRS’s security analysis is always used in conjunction with SRS Best Practices for risk management in terms of people security, cybersecurity and physical security.

Crisis support

We are here to support you in case of emergency. During a crisis, SRS offers instant operational support, 24 hours a day. To help you manage the situation and get through the crisis. Whether it's for a larger organisation or you as an individual, SRS provides counselling, crisis management and debriefing when it counts. Read more about crisis management here.
  1. Readiness Review©
  2. SRS Response (24/7)
  3. Security consulting
  4. Security analysis
  5. Crisis support

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