Security Risk Management

What security challenges does your organisation face?

A holistic approach to security. A dynamic risk management concept. Protecting your high-value assets. This is Security Risk Management.

Security Risk Management.
An effective total solution.

A growing number of organisations are facing new, parallel challenges when it comes to security and risk management. Few have the capacity to handle all aspects internally. That’s why we offer Security Risk Management – an adaptable total solution to address all security challenges that organisations may encounter – with the objective of providing you with more opportunities.

Security Risk Management is based on a multi-component system where each component corresponds to a set of security measures. The security measures interact and complement each other, while also functioning individually to protect your most important assets.

Being able to stand firm and independent. Being able to keep focusing on your core business. Maintaining resilience to unforeseen events. That is the ultimate purpose of Security Risk Management. By achieving resilience for your organisation’s most important assets, your business can take you exactly where you want to go. You define your goals. We provide you with increased opportunities to achieve those goals – through Security Risk Management.

Security Risk Management
according to SRS

As your strategic security partner, SRS’s work is guided by the internationally acknowledged concept of Security Risk Management. We deliver needs-adapted security to all of our customers by integrating the best the market has to offer in terms of methodology, analysis and technology with your particular circumstances and challenges. That way you can choose the best possible security measures for your organisation, whether you are looking for a total solution or a specific service.

Security Risk Management embodies a focus on proactivity and risk mitigation. That’s why SRS delivers protection before, during or after the situation your organisation needs help with. We conduct continuous needs analyses in order to provide you with ample support in the form of counselling, training and operational solutions.

Why is security work based on Security Risk Management needed? The answer is simple: to give your organisation increased opportunities. Regardless of your goal – having worldwide operations, offering a secure environment for your staff or being able to work free from external impacts – SRS helps you tailor a total solution enabling you to reach it.

  • At your side from the very start.

  • SRS works proactively with a focus on risk mitigation. We support you with security development, decision support and training so that you are prepared if something should happen.


  • There for you when it counts.

  • During an ongoing incident, we provide support in all necessary areas. So you can continue driving your core business forward.


  • All the way, for as long as we are needed.

  • SRS is at your side through the whole course of events. We make sure you come out stronger on the other side.


Security Risk Management in brief

Security management
The heart of Security Risk Management is security management. Security management refers to governance, coordination and development within separate or multiple security functions. This is done to create a coherent system of security measures that support and complement one another. Security management encompass everything from conducting risk assessments, producing security instructions and policies, to performing analyses of the current situation and drawing up an action plan.

People security
The starting point for people security is to create a safe and secure workplace, and to provide protection against people related risks. This includes recruitment, travel security, policies and processes. Solutions to these challenges may include investigations and background screening, or crisis management training and security coordination.

Physical security
Physical security is the building block within Security Risk Management that provides solutions for the protection of functions, physical assets and intangible assets. Architectural design and the implementation of physical controls and systems are how we protect all kinds of physical assets and resources.

Cybersecurity includes information and IT security and is the building block meant to protect your organisation’s information, communication and operations against loss, tampering or interruptions. With the help of services such as security intelligence, network monitoring, surveying and testing, we secure your sensitive information, both analogue and digital.

The holistic Security Risk Management approach

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