Crisis management

Companies, government agencies and individuals. Everyone can be hit by a crisis. That’s why SRS offers crisis and emergency management to effectively handle various types of incidents and crises. Always tailored to your specific needs.

Crisis management and preparedness.

Manage the unforeseen. Before it happens.

A crisis can occur unexpectedly or emerge over time, with major impact on both individuals and entire organisations. SRS’s emergency and crisis management support are therefore geared to preparing you for the unforeseen. That way you can minimise the impacts and emerge stronger on the other side.

SRS has many years of extensive experience in the area of preventative crisis management as well as interventions and support for organisations and individuals that have been through difficult events. Both in Sweden and abroad. Building up your crisis management and undergoing training in this area will strengthen your ability to handle a crisis – before, during and after. We are there for you when it counts and will stay with you during the recovery phase. For as long as you need us.

Management and training.
For every kind of crisis.

Natural disasters and kidnappings. State intervention and events that occur behind closed doors. Regardless of the nature of the crisis, SRS always offers the support you need. We help you through the situation immediately and around the clock. Our crisis management and support include counselling, debriefing and crisis management for both individuals and their relatives, as well as crisis management groups at companies and government agencies.

SRS also offers crisis management training. The programmes include theoretical crisis management as well as practical exercises based on realistic events. We have many years of experience providing threat and conflict training tailored to individual businesses, as well as peer support to strengthen your internal crisis management capacity.

Expert support
wherever you happen to be.

Crisis managers, doctors, nurses and psychologists. Behavioural scientists, police officers, military officers and close protection operators. SRS’s experienced employees draw on extensive crisis management experience. In addition, we cooperate with a broad-based international network of quality-assured security providers.

SRS’s employees and partners bring a structured way of working to the table, along with a great deal of modesty, high privacy awareness and strong ethical principles. We always adapt our services to your situation and your specific needs.

Crisis management services

Below you will find a selection of our services that are most in demand.

Crisis management

Security consultation 24 hours a day. SRS’s crisis management service provides you with ongoing crisis support and emergency management via the services SRS Response (24/7) and SRS ALERT. SRS Response (24/7) gives you access to security advice by phone 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, we can also initiate operational security or crisis support tailored to your specific situation. SRS ALERT is the mobile app that provides emergency and positioning functionality for the private individual, as well as continuously updated travel security information. SRS ALERT connects directly to SRS Response (24/7).

Crisis support

For minor incidents that go unnoticed, to major, high-profile events. SRS offers crisis support, counselling and response and incident management for all kinds of crises. We have many years of experience gained through missions in Sweden and abroad. We always work in a structured and privacy-aware manner, and in accordance with our ethical principles. SRS’s crisis support includes ongoing counselling, debriefing and crisis management for corporate and government crisis groups.
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Crisis management training

Improve your capacity to handle unforeseen events before they develop into a crisis using SRS’s crisis management training.

Do you want to strengthen your crisis management capabilities?

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