SRS Alert: Covid 19-tracking function

Scandinavian Risk Solution (SRS) works intensively to meet wishes and requirements regarding the Covid 19 virus, the so-called Corona virus. In addition to the wishes of customers and partners, SRS is involved in developing contingency plans for companies and authorities. At the time of writing, patients infected with the virus are being treated in over 50 countries and many organizations are still without a contingency plan.

In recent days, the development has been very fast and the Covid 19 virus has rapidly come closer to many people’s everyday lives. There are many indications that this development will continue for the foreseeable future. Through SRS Alert, we offer companies and authorities a unique function to easily track and track their staff in real time, and to receive continuous reports of staff who have or are now in areas exposed to the Covid 19 virus:

  • The feature follows the development of the Covid 19 virus’s spread and exposure in 5000 tailored area classifications worldwide.
  • Location data and history regarding users belonging to existing customers are inventoried, processed and matched and communicated to the responsible security manager or HR manager.
  • Location data regarding users belonging to newly registered customers will be processed and matched with the ever-increasing number of exposed areas worldwide, as well as shared with the responsible security manager or HR manager.
  • By enabling SRS Alert travel booking synchronization, companies and authorities are given an opportunity to receive an early warning if employees plan or conduct visits in an area that is either or is classified as a risk area for the Covid 19 virus.

This feature provides companies and authorities with early warning and knowledge of personnel who are at risk of being exposed to the Covid 19 virus in the near future and who can be offered special measures to minimize the spread of infection within their own organization as well as in society at large.

SRS Alert is a personal and travel security application that provides individuals and organizations with security through real-time geo-positioning and security alerts throughout the world, as well as a constantly connected alarm function for assistance or security consultation.

For more information and further questions regarding the SRS Alert application, please contact: