Working practices of security consultants at SRS Security


Before, during, and after. A security consultant’s working methods do not only extend to when an unforeseen and security-threatening event occurs. Preparedness before and evaluation afterwards is equally important. Below we elaborate in more detail the security consultant’s responsibilities at SRS.

The goal of a  security consultant is  to contribute to your success

The focus of all types of security  work is to secure the core business, that is, protect the organisation’s most important assets. They so  called protection values and can be, for example, personnel, brand, information, and physical objects. Threats to protection values can be long-term, short-term, or sudden. Therefore, protection must consist of situational and flexible security solutions.

The security consultants most crucial task is to give their  client the greatest possible freedom of movement, action and thus increased opportunities. Increased opportunities are achieved through resilience and preparedness regarding sudden, undesirable events. A resilient organisation can entirely focus on its core business, knowing that unwanted events or incidents will be taken care of in an effective way. A security consultant must, therefore, have the ability to work in different time perspectives, as well as to understand the interaction between strategic orientation and operational solutions in the client’s specific context. Based on  solid methodology using  Security Risk Management, our  security consultants deliver just that.


 Way of working

Identification, prevention  and management of risks and security threats, stemming  from a holistic approach, considering all security-related risks, from physical  to personal and cyber; this is the basis of effective security work. The security consultant’s task  is to ensure comprehensive  solutions based on components that reinforce each other and provide adequate protection.

The first step in all security missions is information gathering. Based on  interviews, observations and other compilation of data, the security consultant ensures in-depth understanding of the client’s organisation in terms of  key assets,  as well as threat and risk appetite.

The security consultant takes the client needs and best practice, with Security Risk Management in mind, and use this to develop practical measures tailored to the client’s strategy and budget possibilities. The security measures are designed to complement each other at the same time as they  act individually, all in order to protect the  most important assets.

Security consultant at SRS Security

SRS security consultants consist of  a dynamic mix of internationally and nationally experienced experts with background from the military, the police force and civilian intelligence and response organisations, combined with solid experience from the private sector. We work according to quality-assured methods and based on the internationally acknowledged  concept, Security Risk Management (SRM). SRM is a method that ensures  tailored  and comprehensive solutions that respond to the security challenges that organisations may encounter . By integrating best practices in methodology, analysis, and technology, we at SRS select the best and most cost-effective security measures for our clients.  SRS security consultants always consider the perspectives  before, during and after a potential  incident, to ensure effective preparedness and  correct and timely response. We perform  continuous needs assessments  to be able to deliver correct advisory, training, and operational solutions at the right time.

We take pride in delivering, cost-effective and smart security solutions – always with the client in focus. SRS client-partnership is characterised by personal contact, transparent communication and high integrity.