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Below you will find a selection of our training programmes that are most in demand.


You can prevent potential IT-intrusion attempts with the right knowledge. We offer a number of skills-enhancing and awareness-raising training programmes in cybersecurity for everyone at your company, regardless of position. We also adapt the training to suit the reality of your organisation.

Training package for directors and executives – training in strategic management and how to set correct requirements specifications for directors and management groups. This training provides necessary knowledge that can be used for group business development and supports directors in the ability to prioritise the right resources – referred to as “Value at Risk” – within the risk area.

Training package for IT security managers/CRO’s – operational training for executives and directors in vulnerability, threat and risk analysis, as well as prioritisation and implementation of IT security measures.

Training package for IT operations personnel – skills-enhancing training course for IT operations personnel in practical and technical vulnerability assessment and prioritisation of IT security measures.

Training package for all staff, including a phishing test – awareness-raising and behaviour-modifying training for all of your staff. The training includes phishing attempts directed at email accounts and teaches how to minimise the risks associated with social media.

Crisis management

Learn how to deal with emergency situations with SRS crisis training. We use a proprietary crisis management method known as Critical Incident Management Support to help your organisation establish and practice procedures to guide the company through a crisis.

SRS’s crisis training is based on empirical data, practical experience and dynamic exercises in real-life scenarios that are adapted to your particular reality. Theory, methodology and hands-on practice is provided in alternation with a focus on collaborating under pressure within the crisis group. During the SRS training you will have an opportunity to update your crisis procedures. After the programme you will have proven your ability to cope with critical incidents.

Threat and conflict management

A good grasp of threat and conflict management is fundamental in workplaces with a high level of customer interaction. Without that knowledge, it is not possible to develop either the employees or basic safety. The SRS threat and conflict management programme will help you in this area. We give the company’s employees a good understanding of both customer psychology and conflict management, and make it possible to create a secure workplace that offers high customer value.

The programme mainly aims at preventing and de-escalating conflicts, but it also gives your company tools and the ability to act if an incident should seriously deteriorate. SRS’s training modules are adapted to your organisation’s specific needs and your target group’s actual situation. This way we can guarantee that the programme content will be practically useful and compliant with your organisation’s guidelines and processes.

Travel security

Protect travellers and provide security. SRS offers theoretical and practical travel security programmes that are adapted to the traveller’s situation. Travel experience and the level of risk at the destination, among many other things, are taken into account. All of our travel security training programmes are modified to be in line with your company-specific needs and travel procedures.

Deployment Ready Training (DRT)
A travel security training programme adapted for individuals who travel frequently for work or who are stationed in high-risk countries.

Safe Business Traveller (SBT):
An e-learning travel course for individuals who travel frequently for work. It includes practical advice and tips ahead of, during and after travel in all types of countries and destinations.

Advanced Travel Awareness Training (ATAT):
Increase your security thinking. Learn to look out for your own security. Protect the organisation’s interests. All of this during the organisation’s business trips. This practical travel security training programme is adapted for individuals and organisations who travel for work to all types of countries and thus need to increase their knowledge and capacity when it comes to ensuring their own security.

First Aid and Travel Medicine:
Manage critical medical situations. In this pragmatic training course, SRS’s doctors and healthcare professionals teach you to handle medical emergencies. You also learn first aid in applicable steps that can be used when under extreme stress.

Medical programmes

Create a safe and secure workplace – whether you are in an office, out at the customer or in a high-risk situation. SRS offers tailored medical programmes for companies, based on the equipment and the methods you use. All of our tailored medical programmes comply with the instructions of the Swedish CPR Council.

Acute Care – Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rescue (D-CPR): The programme teaches participants to act quickly, easily and safely. Because every second counts when saving a life.

First Aid – Workplace Medical Care: The programme teaches participants to handle first aid and medical emergency situations thanks to simple steps that are easy and applicable.

In-Depth Medical Care Education (FPOS): The training provides participants with in-depth knowledge and skills so that they can take increased medical care responsibility within the organisation. The course qualifies those who pass it for the internationally-recognised license First Person on Scene (FPOS).

Protective security programmes

SRS offers tailor-made programmes protective security; either general courses or courses that are tailored to your organisation’s needs. Regardless of which course you choose, we always make sure to cater to your circumstances and needs in the area of protective security.

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