SRS Advisory

SRS provides leading advisory services to companies, government, municipalities, non-government organisations (NGOs) and private clients. Based on our intelligence background, system infrastructure and methodology, our objective is to deliver accurate and timely decision support.

Our advisory services include:

Screening Services (Sweden and International)

Screening Services

SRS provides both Swedish and international clients with decision support and advisory when hiring staff, engaging in business related agreements or as part of a risk analysis. Screening is conducted through open sources such as databases, registries, references or social media.

Screening (Sweden)

SRS offers a corporate solution incl. legal advice in order to facilitate for organisations when hiring staff in Sweden. We also provide a proprietary web solution to safeguard a correct and safe handling of personal information.

Our screening services include:

• Corporate recruitment solutions
• Background checks
• Executive screening

Our services are fully compliant with the Swedish Personal Integrity Act, i.e. Personuppgiftslagen (SFS 1998:204), and we are under government agency oversight by the Swedish Data Inspection Board, i.e. Datainspektionen.

Screening (International)

SRS offers effective and qualitative due diligence support covering individuals, corporations and organisations world-wide.

Our due diligence services include:

• Stakeholder analysis
• Strategic relationship mapping

For screening and due diligence services within the European Union, the EU Data Protection Act (EU directive 95/46/EC) applies.

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Situational awareness is key in any decision making process regardless of context or complexity. Based on our advanced technical capacity and our experienced intelligence analysis team, SRS offers unique intelligence solutions and a global decision support capacity including:

• Risk analysis and mitigation
• Optimised decision support
• Brand and campaign sentiment analysis
• Identification of cost-effective security measures

Our intelligence solutions use state-of-the-art intelligence software and SRS is a unique business partner with IBM and QlikTech to develop the next generation of security management tools.

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