Cases - Government agencies

Risk analysis project abroad

Background: A Swedish government agency lacked security guidelines for projects abroad.

Delivery: Based on the customer’s current operations and future needs, SRS developed a framework for risk analysis and recommended priority measures for the employees’ travel, projects and commitments abroad. The risk analysis and recommended measures were combined with proactive, practical solutions for dealing with crises and incidents, as well as organisation-developing elements such as the clarification of roles and responsibilities, and the introduction of guidelines for travel and activities associated with projects abroad.

SRS service areas: security management, support abroad, personal security, crisis management

Personal security in a nationwide organisation

Background: Employees at a government agency with nationwide operations were often subjected to personal attacks and threats. This required an immediate improvement of the agency’s security strategy in order to ensure the safety of the employees concerned.

Delivery: SRS began by reviewing the agency’s risk exposure at the individual level and developed a security strategy on this basis. Customer buy-in was gained, and the strategy was then implemented by SRS nationwide. The project included individual risk assessments and the implementation of enhanced security measures for approximately 1000 people. Results for the agency included reduced risk exposure and increased awareness in the organisation. For the sake of continuity, follow-up of the risk assessment and fine-tuning of security measures are carried out annually.

SRS service areas: security management, risk assessment, personal security

Security at embassies

Background: A Nordic embassy in several African countries wanted to bring in outside help to ensure personal security for delegations and employees.

Delivery: SRS appointed security coordinators and close protection operatives in order to support the Nordic diplomatic corps on location. SRS also helped the embassy develop its intelligence capabilities, and helped the embassy and Foreign Ministry staff obtain a reliable overview of incidents as well as the capacity to analyse security developments. The SRS team on location made it possible for the ambassador and embassy staff to travel freely in the region and thus complete their assignments, including foreign aid projects and associated evaluations.

SRS service areas: support abroad, risk assessment, personal security

Protective security training

Background: As part of its total defence planning, a county administrative board needed to raise the level of knowledge regarding protective security for both senior officials in the county’s municipalities, and for security representatives at various local and regional actors.

Delivery: SRS held a targeted training programme for the two target groups with a clear link to the ongoing total defence effort. A more fine-grained training programme was provided to the group of security representatives, with emphasis on a discussion regarding practical cases and a focus on the performance of the protective security analysis.

SRS service areas: protective security, learning & development

Support with risk and vulnerability analysis

Background: A municipal company that provides drinking water, wastewater treatment and sanitation needed to carry out a risk and vulnerability analysis.

Delivery: SRS held training workshops where the customer got help to identify what legislation they were affected by, classifying information, identifying and prioritising their protection assets, and finally creating a prioritised implementation plan listing those responsible for the technical and administrative security-enhancing measures.

SRS service areas: cybersecurity, protective security, learning & development