Basic Cybersecurity

During ESCM, European Cybersecurity Month, SRS has published practical advice and tips to raise cybersecurity awareness. Our cybersecurity tips have focused on actions that can be done within the areas people, processes, and technology. Below you will find our tips summarised under

  • Passwords
  • Connected devices
  • Apps, programs, and other services
Download a brief summary of all the tips here.



Your password is a virtual key that prevents unauthorised access to your accounts and should be treated as a valuable document.

  • Create secure passwords
  • Use a password manager
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all online services

Connected devices

The following shall be observed when using connecting devices such as computers, telephones, wireless devices, watches, etc.

  • Ensure offline backups
  • Do not connect devices to your network without approval
  • Only connect to wireless networks you trust or use a VPN
  • Never plug an external device from someone you don’t trust into your computer
  • Impede tapping by being vigilant and using strong password
  • Turn off (not just disable) location services, WIFI, and Bluetooth when not in use
  • Distinguish between professional life and private life

Apps, program and other services

The following should be observed when using apps, programs, and other services.

  • Do not be logged on as an administrator
  • Turn off all macros
  • Do not wait with making updates
  • The firewall should be turned on, even for outgoing traffic
  • Do not write anything in an email that you would not write on a postcard
  • Review the cloud services you use
  • Protect your files by encrypting them
  • Be careful regarding agreements that you accept
  • Do not base security on personal data
  • Be aware of who is trying to reach out to you over SMS, phone, and email
  • Educate each other, 80% of all cyberattacks start with an e-mail
  • Configure SPF to prevent counterfeit domain names