The right needle in the right haystack


In the latest issue of Aktuell Säkerhet (# 6, 2019), SRS’s own Mattias Wallén, Head of Cybersecurity, and Henrik Reuterdahl, Head of Intelligence, are featured on the topic of threat analysis.

In today’s world where threats are more dynamic and fluctuating than ever before, digital security is all too often forgotten. Physical threats are often exaggerated, while the immaterial ones are not sufficiently prioritized. In most cases, a more holistic view would be favourable for companies and organisations operating in today’s modern security environment. “Often you do not even know that you have experienced an intrusion or been attacked until much later,” Mattias from SRS explains in the article.

The right information at the right time is the most crucial weapon in ensuring security and safety, but the sheer amount of information available makes it extremely difficult to know which information is relevant – and at what time. The approach “Next Generation Open Source Intelligence” paired with the right technical tools makes it possible to conduct a proper threat analysis and maintaining a proactive and preventative security work.

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