SRS and Unizon – Lecture at Almedalen

SRS Unizon Almedalen 2019

Welcome to SRS’s and Unizon’s joint lecture at Almedalen!

When: Wednesday 3 July from 4:15-5:00 p.m.

Where: Campus Gotland, hall E35

People, especially women, experience insecurity in public places. What role do the security companies play in the effort to promote gender equality and a society free from violence?

How should municipalities and regions request the right knowledge and how can they ensure that the companies they hire have the proper values?

Unizon and SRS, two fundamentally different organisations, present common experiences in order to inspire more people to pursue a modern, equal society.

Ilya Treutiger, CEO of SRS
Olga Persson, Secretary General Unizon

Matilda Karlsson, SRS