The new Swedish Whistleblowing legislation

On the 17th of December 2021 a new Swedish whistle blower legislation goes into effect (Law2016:749). The law demands all employers of companies and agencies having 50 or more employees, to implement a system for handling whistleblowing reports. The law protects an employee, or an extra staff hired, from retaliations when red flagging serious wrong doings at a workplace. To qualify for protection under the law the whistle blower must have substantial suspicion about a crime which carries a jail sentence in the penalty scale in addition to the case being within the common interest of society to prosecute.

Minor misdemeanours or common dissatisfaction are not included in the law.

The Law puts up far-reaching demands on a safe, secure, and easily accessible reporting system and there cannot exist any conflict of interest by the responsible person/persons receiving the whistle blower report. The investigation must be investigated by a neutral partner or investigation group with high confidentiality and there must be a clear chain of custody for the evidence as well as a structured storage of the information. In addition, the law requires that the employer (the dedicated investigator within the company or agency for whistleblowing investigations) reports back to the whistle-blower within certain timeframes.

Whistle blowing according to the law

The Whistleblow law only includes alarming about transgressions which are defined to be of the common interest, for example connections to the EU-legislations, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), safety, and security around networks- and information systems, public procurement, financial crime, bribery, money laundering, product- and transport safety or health and consumer rights.

Minor endeavours or common dissatisfaction are not included by the law.

SRS has 15-years of experience of preventing and impartially investigate transgressions within both the private- and the public sector. Our starting point is always that all cases will be investigated with the same methods as within the Swedish law enforcement, to be able to be handed over to the police agency whenever there is evidence for a crime detected.



Whistle-blow with SRS

Outsourcing a whistle-blowing service, could be a wise decision for a company or an Agency, as they then don’t have to allocate their own resources to create, develop and maintain an internal system. As security specialists, we are used to work with solutions which guarantees’ full integrity and confidentiality.

We have developed a solution where we will take care of the whole process and are stand by to handle and investigate eventual incidents.

We can offer a safe and user-friendly technical solution where the whistle-blower via a link, is sent directly to SRS whistle blowing page.

SRS provides:

  • A user-friendly technical solution
  • A simple implementation and integration in current systems
  • Uses the same investigation methods as the Swedish Police
  • A high-quality chain of custody for evidence
  • A dedicated investigations team with long experience of working with complex cases
  • Our own legal expertise
  • Good knowledge and expertise within the Nordic countries

Global scope (200+countries) through strategic partners

Are you interested in knowing more about SRS whistleblow service?

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