What is Personal security?

What is Personal security?

Personal security at home and at work

Personal security is all about ensuring the security of an individual or a family, either so that the person or family in question can feel safe in everyday life or in connection to a specific incident. Both private individuals and persons in specific positions in a company, organisation or authority can be exposed to high risk situations or may need personal security for preventive purposes.

How is personal security catered for?

Ensuring good personal security revolves around having a holistic view, which includes solutions where different security aspects such as security intelligence, threat and risk assessment, physical security and training, are considered. SRS puts great effort into preventive and ongoing security measures to minimise the risk of incidents, and to ensure that immediate and correct action is taken in the event of an incident. If the situation calls for it, close protection can be implemented.

Personal Security med SRS

SRS offers a variety of services aimed at reducing the risk before, during and after an event or incident, all to make you feel safe. We at SRS are authorized and approved to provide personal security services by the County Administrative Board according to FAP 573-1. All our employees have worked with personal security questions in different environments, both nationally and internationally, and have a broad experience in handling incidents that can occur for both private individuals and people in sensitive positions at companies and authorities. Contact SRS to find out how we can optimise your personal safety.