What does crisis management involve?


Intelligence from a security perspective has become  a prerequisite for being able to make business critical decisions based on facts and events in the world around us. Many  associate intelligence with business intelligence which covers  monitoring  customer and industry developments with the purpose of seeing trends and monitoring competitor activities.. However,  what we are witnessing today is an increasing interest in looking at the outside world from a security perspective. Hate and threats on the internet are a phenomenon that almost everyone has encountered but  few organisations work with these questions in a structured way to understand and respond correctly. The challenge is to sift through the noise and identify the real security-related threats and challenges to your staff or operations. So, what is really critical to consider when monitoring your organisation’s critical assets and what should you be looking for?


Security intelligence for  a business operations with good preparedness

Security intelligence is from a threat and risk perspective an effective method for providing the organisation with timely security-related information that could affect the key business  assets. The aim is to capture indications of threats to key assets at an early stage . Analysis and reporting should include relevant safety-related information, current state, normal state, possible deviations, and proposed measures.

Three tips for security  intelligence

1. Identify your organisation’s critical assets and current security context

Start with your organisation’s security analysis. What has been identified as a key asset  and how  does the threat scenario look like? Often it includes  senior executives, IT systems, sensitive information, real estate, and more, while the threat scenario varies depending on the industry and exposure.

2. Monitor wide but relevant

Identify the digital sources that are most relevant based on your security situation. Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, blogs, and comment fields are often more important than traditional media channels and must be chosen based on your organisation’s specific activities and key assets.

3.Get support from professionals

If the business faces potential threats and risks, perceived or real, qualitative threat and risk assessments are necessary. To ensure that the assessment it is done correctly and that nothing is missed, it is recommended to engange a  professional security company, which has empirical methods and access to state of the art  monitoring tools.

Seucrity intelligence with SRS

SRS is your comprehensive security partner. We are a security company that takes a holistic approach to your security intelligence We monitor your key assets, , such as key personnel, company names, and business addresses, in relevant digital sources to effectively identify information that is relevant to your security situation. Events such as personal threats, boycotts, demonstrations, unauthorised exposure  personal data, and hateful comments are captured by our specialists and communicated to you regularly in timely reports   or immediately if the data is deemed to be severe or time-critical.

When SRS handles your security intelligence over time we establish your normal security state from which deviations easily can be drawn a changed security situation. Contact us to find out how we can help you to achieve your desired business goals safely and securely.