In order to meet client demand for qualitative monitoring services and pertinent decision support, SRS Business Advisory introduces a new and unique advisory service. The SRS Advisory Service is a generic intelligence and analysis service that enhances the accuracy of risk management and the decision making process of corporations.

Regardless of size, area of business or geographic reach, all corporations are exposed to short and long term risk related issues, as well as potential business opportunities. At SRS Business Advisory we are dedicated to support clients in grasping the often ungraspable width of information and to identify and analyze potential risks and opportunities. This requires both experience and unparalleled methodology. By introducing the SRS Advisory Service we offer clients exclusive access to a unique form of decision support.

By applying a specially designed needs assessment process, the core strategic knowledge and information requirements of the client are identified and thoroughly refined. The outcome of the needs assessment is then incorporated into a program which is designed entirely on the exclusive demands of the client corporation.

A SRS Advisory Service program ensures that clients are presented with decision support material that covers core issues. This material has been analyzed and exclusively impact assessed and disseminated for the client corporation. A client corporation in the SRS Advisory Service program has direct access to program analysts, as well as the unique in-house experience of SRS as a provider of state of the art advisory and the wide range of knowledge and services of SRS.