Security operations policy

SRS Group “SRS” is firmly committed to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and comply with international, national, and local regulations and laws as well as our voluntary commitments.

SRS provides security services and operations in complex, fragile and hostile environments where governance may be weak, or rule of law undermined due to human or naturally caused events. SRS is committed to conduct our security operations in a responsible manner and to the highest level of professionalism while managing risks and fulfilling the requirements of our stakeholders and supply chain including clients, employees, consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors, international organisations, and local communities.

While providing security services and conducting security operations, SRS will always comply with the following obligations:

  1. Respect human life and dignity
  2. Avoid, prevent, and reduce the likelihood and consequences of disruptive and undesirable events
  3. Comply with applicable legal requirements and other voluntary commitments
  4. Respect human rights
  5. Ensure continual improvement

SRS has implemented a Code of Conduct supported by formal and effective policies and processes to support the conduct of security operations, to contribute positively to the communities within which we operate as well as to avoid, prevent and reduce the likelihood and consequence of disruptive and undesirable events. This includes establishing objectives and targets to drive continuous improvement in our security services and operations.

All SRS employees, consultants, partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors are responsible for conducting security service and operations in accordance with this policy and are expected to contribute to key stakeholder satisfaction and the continual improvement of SRS risk mitigating procedures and security operations.

On behalf of the SRS Management Team,

Ilya Treutiger
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)